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Interview with Kale Zelden and Larry Chapp. Two Main Topics: 1. The German Synodal Path and 2. Bishop Robert Barron

Linked below is my latest podcast video with Kale Zelden on his show “Sideshow Kale.” In the section dealing with Bishop Barron, Kale, though a big admirer of Bishop Barron, expresses some reservations about his evangelizing style. I defend Bishop Barron and at one point in the conversation Kale mentions a lecture that Bishop Barron

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Book Review by Dr. Larry Chapp in Catholic World Report. A Review of David C. Schindler’s New Book: “The Politics of the Real: the Church Between Liberalism and Integralism.”

Linked below is the review. My next blog post after this one will be a defense of Adrienne von Speyr. And after that a blog on universalism, since everybody seems hot to trot on that topic. But for now … in addition to the review linked below I offer the following additional observations: Schindler’s text

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The Universal Call to Holiness: part Three. The non-heroic Church and the False Accusation that Holiness is a Sectarian Perfectionism.

“To live together as brother and sister? Of course, I have high respect for those who are doing this. But it is a heroic act, and heroism is not for the average Christian.” Cardinal Walter Kasper (Commonweal, May 7, 2014) In the quote above Cardinal Kasper is trying to develop a better pastoral response to

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A podcast interview between Larry Chapp and Kris McGregor on the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Part One: “Only Love is Credible.”

Linked above is a podcast I did with Kris McGregor which is part one of a two part podcast on the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar with a special focus on his small, programmatic book “Love Alone is Credible.”  (Glaubhaft ist nur Liebe).  Kris runs the “Balthasar: Beauty, Truth, Goodness” podcast which is devoted

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