Video Interview with Larry Chapp and Zac Crippen on his show “Creedal.” Topic: Traditionis Custodes

August 1, 2021

Linked below is the video.  I think it was a good conversation and I hope many of you will find it helpful.  

My apologies for not having posted a new blog post since my little essay on the “hermeneutics of the abyss.”  I have been busy putting the final touches on some book proposals for Word on Fire and Ignatius Press.  I have already had one contract issued and expect some more to come shortly.  So please pardon my tardiness in posting anything new in a while…

I am also flying to California tomorrow to tape an interview with Bishop Barron on his show “Bishop Barron Presents.”  So I will be absent from this blog until Thursday August 5th.  I will then post new blogs on several topics:  ressourcement theology, celibacy and the question of married priests viewed in the light of Vatican II’s call to holiness. And speaking on the call to holiness …. a return to that theme in a post I am entitling: “The need for a Discalced Laity”… so stay tuned.  Until then, here is the link to the video”

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