A few brief announcements for my readers and subscribers, and a question

April 16, 2023
An update and some questions for my readers.

The blog right now is in a kind of "lull before the storm" moment. There has not been much on here in the past two weeks, owing mainly to Holy Week, some health issues I have been having (not life threatening, just annoying and slowing me down), and the fact that I have been busy with Spring time farm chores and projects, as well as spending time writing a paper I am presenting in Kansas this week.

However, over the next month I will be writing three more original blog essays, as well as my usual articles for Catholic World Report and The National Catholic Register. There are also a few Youtube/podcast interviews lined up as well.

But that brings me to the real point of this post and I need your feedback. I have been thinking for a long time now that in addition to my videos and podcasts where I interview people, that I could add a feature, which could be more frequent than the interviews, of me speaking alone on various issues, and even offering audio podcast readings of my written essays. I would like to hear from my readers if that is something that they would like me to do. I am inclined to do it, but I would like to hear what others think. And just be aware that even if I do not respond to your email it does not mean I did not read it. It just means I got so many that I would need an Ai chatbot to answer them all.

This then leads me to my final question, which is for my subscribers. If I increase the amount of podcasts do you want me to email you every time something new goes up, or perhaps limit my emails to twice a week where I would then include all that had been placed on the blog in that period of time. I know how annoying multiple emails from a single source can get. So I am curious what my most loyal followers think.

Thanks to everyone.

Dorothy Day, Pray for us.

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