Interview with Zac Crippen of the Creedal Catholic podcast. Topic: The Constantinian arrangement and its failures.

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Zac Rippen runs the Creedal Catholic podcast and I have now done three interviews on his show. This is the first video interview. The topics were all related to my blog post on the Constantinian Heathenism of the Church. Zac and I hope to do a lot more collaborative work together as we move forward. In the meantime I highly enncourage you to check out his podcasts.


  1. A very good example of ‘soft integralism’ is the situation of the Catholic Church in Spain under Franco’s dictatorship – Franco who it must be remembered was no revolutionary like Mussolini but a committed Catholic, whatever his spiritual shortcomings may have been. And see what state Spain is in now after 40 years where ‘error had no rights’.

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