Interview with Kale Zelden and Larry Chapp on “Side Show Kale”: Part Three of the Numbing Down of the Church

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  1. especially in regards to your first couple minutes about the unexploded dynamite and the lack of specificity. I think one of the real problems is we are so conditioned to be looking for the new and are thus always underwhelmed by the fact that the specifics are relatively clear; written into our very being, written into the first words of Sacred Scripture. Consider it from the perspective of Proverbs 8: and my delights were with the sons of men. God delights in the human person. Imagine if the universal call of holiness is nothing less than re-orienting our lives to the fecundity we were all called to in the first few words of Sacred Scripture. Imagine if the Church re-oriented itself, the religious vocation as well as married vocation, such that clerics and religious alike understood they were at the service of God’s delight, the creation and raising of God’s delight. instead of the performative act of politics we would make economic and social decisions that had as their goal the well being of the human being, the human being alive as well as the human being to come as well as the human family in which that life is created, sustained, and from which it is sent.
    This is not another contraception / abortion rant, but the realization that we are made in the Divine Image, and we should love God so much that we do everything , make all our decisions in such a way as to foster the creation of more and more of that Image. The greatest act of evangelization is fecundity. See this in the analogy of appetite and depression. Hope foster’s life just like joy foster’s appetite. If we want the world to believe that we are filled with joy and hope, then we should live a life dedicated to the Father’s delight.

    now the postscript, the surest way to destroy this is fecundity as formula for being more Catholic than the Pope. Not what i mean, never, never, never. Rather, our fecundity must be the recognition that our great joy is the Father’s delight, a Father who invites us, through Jesus Christ, into the very act of Creation Ex Nihilo


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    1. When I was a child there were 2 billion people on this planet. Now there are about 7 billion. This is all in one person’s lifetime. Not all of the current 7 billion have enough to eat or clean water to drink, to say nothing of the spread of diseases.

      “the realization that we are made in the Divine Image, and we should love God so much that we do everything , make all our decisions in such a way as to foster the creation of more and more of that Image. ”

      This is shortsighted.


      1. I suppose it would be if I were talking about increasing the population. But I’m not. I am talking about maximizing the divine image via attention to the infinite dignity and worth of every person. Sorry if my words led to confusion.


  2. Sorry, one more thought. You say: V2 had a real naivete about The Church’s faith..
    What if this was a divinely allowed error, if you will. Think Peter on the water, not as Peter’s failure, but as Christ’s love. He generously lets Peter sink, so that Peter may realize his faith limitations. He lets His Church confidently walk on water during the council, full of faith joy and hope, and then lead weights. Now, it wasn’t wrong to get out of the boat, the Tridentine Traditionalists are wrong here, but we’re drowning now; the only proper response is JESUS SAVE US, the Fr Reese sj community is disastrously wrong to imagine we’re having a leisurely swim.

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