The new "Die Human" podcast with Marcus Daly and Larry Chapp

January 19, 2024
Only in the light of Christ's death does our death take on meaning

I have done "Die Human" podcasts with Marcus before, but we got off schedule due to a variety of factors. But we are hoping to do two or three of these a month going forward. Marcus is a coffin maker who custom builds simple, but beautiful, wooden coffins with a Divine Mercy motif. He also makes Divine Mercy crosses and the proceeds from the sales go to the "Providence Pregnancy Center" which is an offshoot ministry from our Ordinariate parish in Scranton. In this episode Marcus and I begin our reflection upon the small meditation on death and the paschal mystery by Hans Urs von Balthasar. The book is called, ""Life out of Death: Meditations on the Paschal Mystery".

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