Larry Chapp interviews Mark Stahlman on the digital revolution, its destruction of our inner spiritual senses, and the importance of Thomistic faculty psychology

June 28, 2023
Communio Theology
The digital revolution and its destruction of our inner spiritual senses.

My first interview after retuning from Rome and dealing with some health issues with my sinuses (what else can go wrong!) but what a great interview! There are some interruptions in the interview due to some issues with Mark getting some calls he did not want, but I decided not to edit those bits out and to just post it as is. Some might find the beginning discussion of Marshal McLuhan a tad on the dry side but it is significant for what comes later. Mark is an absolutely fascinating guy.

For some reason the editor feature on my blog page is not letting me post the Podbean podcast version of this. I will post it later as I work through the glitch.

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