Larry Chapp interviews Dr. Michael Taylor on Catholic incarnationalism and the Neo-gnosticism of modern technology

March 3, 2023
Video Interviews
Modern technology as a flight from reality

There are three elements to this post. First is a link to the article by Dr. Taylor in Communio that is the basis for this conversation. I highly recommend it. Second is the YouTube video and third is the podcast audio only version. I have known Dr. Taylor for years and I wrote a forward to his book on trinitarian theology and its relation to our vision of Creation. He is a promising young scholar.

This is an important topic on a multiplicity of levels. Modern technology and the transhumanist project threatens to destroy any sense of normativety to human nature. It also reserves the right to alter that nature at will. Dr. Taylor is one of the few Catholic theologians discussing this seriously.

The Communio Link:


The Podbean podcast:

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