Fiducia Supplicans: Larry Chapp and Kale Zelden on Paul Vanderklay's podcast

December 23, 2023
Video Interviews
Why Fiducia Supplicans is problematic

Had a great time discussing Fiducia Supplicans on Paul Vanderklay's podcast. I had never heard of it before. Paul is a Dutch Reformed Protestant minister and is a delightful interlocutor. I am also joined by my friend Kale Zelden who is always brilliant.

But I also need to issue a correction and an apology. Late in this video, in the Q&A session, I reference the work of Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein. In my discussion of her work, which I regard favorably, I incorrectly stated that she is a lesbian woman who seeks to live chastely. This is wrong. She is not homosexual and I think I was confusing her with Eve Tushnet. I regret my mistake and issue this public apology and correction.

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