Dorothy Day Catholic Worker 2024 Fundraiser

February 5, 2024
Everything I do on the blog is an extension of the vision of the farm. All donations are tax-deductible through our non-profit called Dorothy Day Catholic Worker.

Our ministry is attracting more and more souls who are benefiting from our work on the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Farm and from the Gaudium et Spes 22 blog. These two ministries flow from and back to each other, feeding each other. Peter Maurin would say the scholars should be workers and the workers should be scholars. We are certainly living out this vision. Our life on the farm informs the content of the blog - our pondering the faith gives our farm life a particular perspective.

We are getting many requests for visits and volunteer opportunities, and Larry continues to get invitations to write, and speak at various venues. God is good!

We need your help to enable us to continue our mission in the New Year.

While the farm and the blog are labors of love, there are, of course, necessary expenses. Our Border Leicester sheep need grain and hay and our chickens need feed. This spring, we are adding Nigerian dwarf goats to the mix. In addition to taking care of the livestock, we have technology expenses for the blog and YouTube videos, as well as website fees.

Our Benedictine life requires generous hospitality toward our guests - good meals and good conversation. Chapel supplies, especially candles, are always needed. Our special project this year is the purchase of a modest building to be used for kidding jugs (where the goats have their babies), and as a milking station. We have had goats on and off through the years, but never had a special place for them. This building will enable us to expand our goat milk operation.

Goats are great fun on the farm, especially when children visit. Larry really enjoys teaching kids how to milk a goat.

We are hoping to raise $15,000.00 to cover our 2024 expenses. This is our first big fundraising attempt as a non-profit organization. We hope you can help us make it a success!

We are a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation under Pennsylvania law.  We can accept tax-deductible donations. Checks payable to Dorothy Day Catholic Worker can be mailed to the farm at 793 Halowich Road, Harveys Lake, PA, 18618.

Online donations can be accepted through by clicking on the link below. All donations are tax-deductible through our non-profit Dorothy Day Catholic Worker.


Finally, and most importantly, we ask for your support in prayer, asking Our Lord to keep us on the right track.

We are grateful for your generosity.

Larry and Carmina

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