Announcing Our First Fundraiser: The Farm, The Blog And Beyond

January 30, 2024
Catholic Worker
Everything I do on the blog is an extension of the vision of the farm.

In our ten years on the farm we have never engaged in an official fundraiser. And that has been by design. But the increase in our expenses which has been caused by the gradual expansion of our ministry makes such an appeal necessary. Folks have been generous in the past donating through this blog, but the time has come for a more direct appeal. The link below takes you to our farm page and an explanation of the fundraiser and what it is for. This blog is a direct extension of the mission of our Catholic Worker Farm and everything I do on the blog is a part of that mission. We are eager to expand what we are doing both on the farm and on this blog. I cannot express deeply enough my gratitude to all of my readers for their donations and the many, many wonderful messages they send to me every day.

The link below explains things in more detail. Thanks in advance to one and all!

And just a reminder, we are an official non profit which includes both the farm and things associated with the blog.

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