An Interview with Carlo Lancellotti on Augusto del Noce

March 25, 2023
Video Interviews
The philosophy of Augusto Del Noce deserves a wide audience

My apologies for much of the quality of this latest video. The sound and video elements are not great and for about four minutes (starting around the 107:26 mark) the sound goes away entirely. But I decided to go ahead and post it all the same since it is a really great conversation. Carlo Lancellotti has been the primary translator of Del Noce into English and is a great teacher of his thought.  I am joined by Rodney Howsare and Michael Hanby in the interview. Once again, my apologies for the poor production values. Nevertheless, I think it is well worth a listen. But because of the poor quality of the audio I will not be posting this as a Podbean podcast.

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