A new podcast I am starting with Marcus Daly: "Die Human".

May 22, 2023
Christ shows us the meaning of our mortality

I have teamed up with my friend, Marcus Daly, to start a new podcast called "Die Human." Episode One is linked below but before that I include two videos about Marcus done by different producers . Marcus is a casket maker and he views his profession as a real ministry. He is a member of my Ordinariate parish and moved here with his wife, Kelly, from Washington State specifically to become a member of this faith community which is doing so many wonderful things. He and Kelly are truly remarkable people and are both possessed with a rich and deep spirituality. Our podcast will focus on the nature of Christian existence as cruciform which, as my readers know, is a central theme in all that I write. It will also focus on the meaning and significance of our mortality as a key to understanding our spiritual life. That might sound like a Debbie Downer focus but I assure you the message is rooted in our faith in the resurrection and is filled with joy and hope. I am really excited about this new podcast and I hope you all like it. Christ shows us the meaning of our mortality. I will continue with my other videos and podcasts as well.

And here is the first episode of the podcast:

If you have issues with the above player, you can listen on Marcus's site:


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