Podcast Interview with Larry Chapp and Kris McGregor on “Love Alone” by Hans Urs von Balthasar. Parts Three, Four, and Five.

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Many thanks to Kris McGregor for inviting me to discuss this wonderful text. I will be posting a new blog post soon on Balthasar and the question of “universalism.” So stay tuned.


  1. That was a very dense but extremely interesting series of podcasts.
    Do you know if there is an English translation of von Speyr’s Kreuz und Hölle? Or any way to access the text for the non-German speaker?


    1. Hi John. Thanks for all of your comments. I assure you that I do read them even if I don’t respond! I am just so busy these days. Anyway… as to your question I am not aware if it has been translated or not. I would have to do some digging. Have you tried to find an English translation and failed?


      1. Yes, I have and failed, as well as in other languages I could attempt to read with effort. I can only find the original German, which no amount of effort can make me understand.
        Maybe we’ll have to wait until a German-speaking theologian with a special interest in HUvB posts an article about it in a blog somewhere.

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    1. BTW, I read Paul Kingsnorth’s conversion story in First Things this morning, then listened to these, and was struck by the immense commonality right down to certain key words.


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