Interview with Dr. Larry Chapp and Kris McGregor on Balthasar’s Love Alone: part two

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Here is the next installment of my interview with Kris McGregor. It looks like there is also going to be a part three.

And there will be a new blog post coming soon on the universal call to holiness. It has been much delayed by all kinds of other projects. It should be up by the end of the week. Thanks!


  1. I listened to parts 1-4 of the podcasts today.
    Very interesting indeed, thank you, Dr Chapp.
    I’ve never read Balthasar, as it would be well above my pay grade.
    But I shall get the book “Only Love is Credible” and give it a shot.

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  2. A quick comment before the idea is lost in the flood of information that is this series of podcasts (which for some reason I’m listening last to first). About Mary’s Fiat:
    The Immaculate Conception of Mary must be a consequence of her fiat. This sounds counterintuitive since her conception precedes her fiat. But if it wasn’t like that, if God pre-emptively made Mary immaculate, it would mean that God can redeem sin ‘before’ and without the incarnation. The incarnation becomes unnecessary – or else Mary becomes inhuman, a ‘robot’ created without free will for the purpose of the incarnation. On the contrary, the Immaculate Conception is the result of Mary’s free will. Her fiat is also her baptism and therefore her true conception, her coming into existence without sin – because she has trusted (and therefore loved) God without reservation. Whether Mary’s biological conception in her mother’s womb was immaculate is not the issue, although it is not incompatible with this idea since the past belongs to God as much as the present and He is not bound by temporal causality


    1. Or, contradicting what you say in the podcast, as well as probably a few centuries of theology, for which I’m truly sorry, Mary is not immaculate so that she can give perfect consent. She gives perfect consent so that she can be immaculate. God’s revelation to Israel is not a failure, it succeeds in Mary’s Fiat, which brings about the fulfilment of the Law, the Christ.


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