The dubia and the Synod: My latest in the Register

October 12, 2023
The allowing of same sex blessings only when there is no confusion between this and sacramental marriage is a pastoral fantasy.

My latest in the Register is a reflection upon the significance of the Pope's response to the dubia for the synodal deliberations on the blessing of same sex couples. As you will read I am critical of the Pope's allowing for this "in some circumstances" and only when there can be no confusion with sacramental marriage. I think this is naive given our cultural context and the number of same sex blessings already going on that do not meet this criterion. Just yeserday, it was reported that a priest in Malta is advertising in his parish for a "blessing of couples" both same sex and heterosexual. And he references the recent statements from Pope Francis as justification for doing so. Yes sir, no chance of confusion there for sure! And so it begins...

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