My Final Essay on the Legacy of Pope Benedict: Our Sunday Visitor

January 6, 2023
In Memoriam
The legacy of Papa Benedict

Linked below is an essay I wrote for Our Sunday Visitor on Pope Benedict. I know many of you may be growing weary of these tributes but I have been asked to write on his legacy by various publications and I have done so since I think his legacy is extremely important. I think he could now be even more influential than he was in life. There are so many mischaracterizations and misunderstandings surrounding his thought, life and career that I think it is very important that those of us who can do so step up to the plate and defend the truth of his theology against its ignorant detractors on both the Right and the Left. This blog is devoted to a defense of Vatican II and the ressourcement theology that animated it. And Pope Benedict/Joseph Ratzinger was an instrumental figure in both. This will be one of my last essays on his legacy for a while since I have now said what I wanted to say. However, one big problem with writing for all of these venues is that length is relatively short although this essay is longer.

Before I left for Rome I had almost completed my latest original blog essay on the topic of apologetics and evangelization in an apocalyptic register. When I return home priority one will be finishing that essay. I love writing for these national publications but it has taken me away from my bread and butter -- writing theological blog essays. I hope to get back to doing more of that as time permits.

I have also started my podcast which you can find on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music. It is called, appropriately, the Gaudium et Spes 22 podcast.

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