Larry Chapp Interviews Dr. Jordan Wood on Universal Salvation

September 15, 2022
Video Interviews
Universal Salvation is rooted in the universality of the depth of Christ's descent.

This might be one of my more controversial interviews. In this video I interview Dr. Jordan Wood, an expert on the theology of St. Maximus the Confessor, on the topic of universal salvation. In this interview, toward the end I state that from a theological perspective I accept the concept of universal salvation. Simply speaking, I think all of the best theological arguments are on that side of the divide. All that said, I want to reassure my loyal Catholic followers that I too am a loyal son of the Church and accept the full magisterial and dogmatic authority of the Catholic Church. I offer my views as an exercise in theological speculation and not from any desire to "dissent" from Church teaching, a fact which I also discuss. I do not think the Church should affirm universalism as a dogmatic teaching and I fully subscribe to all of the Church's dogmatic teachings on the topic. Specifically, I accept the dogmatic teachings that Hell is real, that it is eternal, and that there can be no post mortem conversions. Jordan and I discuss these dogmatic elements as well to see how our views can possibly be squared with that tradition. I humbly submit all of my theological opinions (and that is all that they are, my theological opinions) to the teaching magisterium of Holy Mother Church. In other words, I do not hold my views dogmatically, but speculatively only, and I am open to debate and correction.

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