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Notice to my readers: Covid Update

First off, many thanks to all of you who wrote to me with words of support. That meant a lot to me and gave me a shot of encouragement that was needed. It has been a rough 10 days or so but I am finally on the mend. In my case Covid was little more

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A Notice To My Subscribers: Covid

Just a note to my readers to inform you that I have Covid and will be out of commission for a while. I am about five days into the illness and so far my symptoms are not severe or in any way life threatening. Just a lot of fatigue and a constant sinus headache. Nevertheless,

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So-Called “Synodality” and the Myth of “Hyper Papalism.”

“’Structure,’ which because of its impersonality seems immune to scandal, can become the prime seat of infection.” Hans Urs von Balthasar, (“The Anti-Roman Attitude,” Communio, Winter, 1981, p. 315) Like all modern universities, the one I once worked for (DeSales) had a large number of various committees that on paper were involved in the governance

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David Hart’s Universalism: Part One: The Drama of Dogma.

“It is the dogma that is the drama — not beautiful phrases, nor comforting sentiments, nor vague aspirations to loving-kindness and uplift, nor the promise of something nice after death — but the terrifying assertion that the same God who made the world lived in the world and passed through the grave and gate of

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