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Louis Bouyer’s Ecclesiology of Service and the “Credibility” of the Church: An Advent Meditation.

In the light of twenty centuries of Christian life and ecclesiology … one point seems obvious, and is, in fact, found beneath most reform suggestions of Vatican II: what most encumbers the evolution of the Catholic Church is a deformation of pastoral authority.  Especially over the last centuries, pastoral authority has tended to be isolated from

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Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus: A Reader’s Excellent Email Prompts a Question: Has the Church Erred in the Past or in the Present?

Blog Master’s Note: What follows is a wonderful email I got from a reader who is a convert to Catholicism from Protestantism. Other than that little detail I will say nothing further as to the reader’s idenity since he/she wishes to remain anonymous. But I have corresponded with this reader before and I always find

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