Podcast interview with Dustin Quick and Larry Chapp: Radical Traditionalism and Pope Francis.

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I am finally recovered from Covid. Thank you for all of your prayers. It has been a rough couple of weeks. Linked below is my latest podcast. It is REALLy long. I cannot believe we actually went on for about two and a half hours. So you have my blessing to not listen to all of it. But I think we touch on a lot of interesting topics.

I am working on a new blog post dealing with Gaudium et Spes that should but out soon. Until then… my podcast with Justin:


  1. I know you get a lot of suggestions and ideas but if I may suggest something, since you are Balthasar guy maybe covering whether his theology about the ontological nature of sin, which I’ve seen accused as novelty, and whether it is orthodox or not, it’s implications, etc.
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  2. Nice podcast, Dr Chapp. I wonder whether it might be useful, at some time in the future, to seek to define the “rad trads” or “Arch traditionalists” with a bit of specificity. I think a lot of what was said is accurate for a certain subset of the TLM attending Catholics, but I also know that by giving voice to such criticisms they will be levelled against all who attend the TLM, regardless of their reception of V2, obedience to Rome etc etc.

    I think that lack of specificity as to where the problem actually lies is behind, in part, the issue with Traditionis Custodes – and painting a (relatively) large group of people with a brush that should be reserved for a (relatively) smaller group.

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